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Best Insurance Agent in LA, Tatiana answers her phone at midnight on New Year’s Eve if I need her help 🙂

Dmitri, San Francisco

I was looking for a new car and a new agent, because mine was never available to answer calls when my old car was vandalized, and a few other incidents happened. I am a girl and I don’t know how to handle these events. Luckily, a girlfriend of mine recommended me Tatiana, she said she’s been VERY happy with the coverage and pricing.

Best decision ever! Tatiana is fantastic! She is super responsive, right away she gave me options, worked around all my needs, offered discounts that I didn’t know existed! So, the car upgrade went smooth and painless.

Unfortunately, another stressful situation happened and again, Tatiana calmed me down, answered all my questions and helped me save so much money by being proactive. She is smart, she knows what she is doing, she is on your side. She is my life-saver, words cannot describe how much I appreciate her.


Evgeniya, Los Angeles